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Since EurOCEAN 2004, conference delegates have delivered joint policy statements, EurOCEAN Declarations, to raise decision makers’ awareness of the marine research priorities and propose concrete actions. These statements have been critical drivers of research and policy developments in Europe since. 

Download all Conference documents from previous editions via the links below.

EurOCEAN conference reports

EurOCEAN 2019
(11-12 June 2019, Paris, France)

EurOCEAN 2014
(07-09 October 2014, Rome, Italy)

EurOCEAN 2010
(12-13 October 2010, Ostend, Belgium)

EurOCEAN 2007
(22 June 2007, Aberdeen, United Kingdom)

EurOCEAN 2004
(10-13 May 2004, Galway, Ireland)

EurOCEAN Declarations

EMB message to EurOCEAN 2019
(EurOCEAN 2019)

Rome Declaration
(EurOCEAN 2014)

Ostend Declaration
(EurOCEAN 2010)

Aberdeen Declaration
(EurOCEAN 2007)

Galway Declaration
(EurOCEAN 2004)